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Our aim is to provide Muslim friendly halal traveling for all our Muslim customers, so that you may enjoy and experience the world, and follow the halal way of life. Fana World Travel will plan your vacation with you and your Muslim lifestyle in mind, with us you can visit popular tourist destinations, or little known less traveled lands, while making sure halal food is available, and if not then vegetarian or pescatarian options are accessible. Halal friendly food and finding a place to pray are always the top concerns for Muslim travelers; and we understand. For example, most people are not aware that in Ireland, even vegetarian dishes may contain alcohol, and so would a lot of their desserts, and this is where we would step in to ensure that not only is the food meat free but alcohol free as well.

Signing up with a tour with us will ensure you are able to practice your faith and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Booking through us, means we will provide the not so commonly found information about prayer rooms and halal friendly eateries in your destination locations. We will also provide tips and basic information on the place and basic culture of the land you will be visiting.

We are proud to claim that we provide transparent, sincere and an engaging experience prior to travel. Before you embark on your journey we will send you a mini-guide on the country you’re visiting and will suggest and even help you to use certain Muslim apps that may assist you in the journey, for example an app with a compass showing the Kaaba. As a gift for our tour

travelers we will provide travel prayer mats with a mini-compass, so they do not have to lug around a large, regular payer mat, and can travel light.

For each person that books with Fana Travel, we will donate $3 to the charity organization, Hunger Van – Muslims Against Hunger. By simply booking with us, you will help promote an organization that is working hard to eradicate hunger.

September 2018 I had an experience to cherish, and a lot of it is due to Fana World Travel. They helped me build an itinerary that gave me maximum value for my money. Being a muslim traveler there are always concerns of halal food places, they assist with providing me with lists of halal eateries, so prior to my excursions i knew which restaurant i would eat in when i was in a certain area. I would surely recommend them.

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